ODM, OEM service: Building a brand with Eyelash Extension Factory with DAWNLASH

As a manufacturer, as a friend, as a partner, DAWNLASH VIETNAM is committed to providing the best quality products to your business.

DAWNLASH not only provides premium lashes but also helps you build your brand.

DAWNLASH will take you to the pinnacle of success in this eyelash extension industry.

Free 24/7 support for ODM/OEM service users

Support to design brand identity at the request of partners



With the motto “quality is king”, 98% of customers worldwide love DAWNLASH products.

Transparency policy: Willing to refund and exchange when the product is defective. Always take responsibility for each of your products.

Dedicated support for customers: Committed to complete confidentiality of information and guarantee to ship goods only from 3 to 7 days worldwide.

DAWNLASH is the trusted address of more than 500+ eyelash extension establishments around the world.

Providing top quality OEM services to customers, committed to accompanying and developing with your business

Clear production process:

STEP 1: Transplant each synthetic resin into the duct tape

STEP 2: Take the raw wire and wrap it in the aluminum tube

STEP 3: After rolling, take it out to dry

STEP 4: After drying, remove the goods from the aluminum tube

STEP 5: Then move on to the foot connection stage

STEP 6: Check the quality of each product

STEP 7: Finished in box and packed

DAWNLASH is a leading eyelash manufacturer in Vietnam that owns:

  • The only CO certified manufacturer in Vietnam
  • Support tax reduction policy
  • Clear origin of goods with top quality
  • Stable supply (minimum 50,000 – 70,000 products/month)
  • Materials for eyelash production are imported from Korea
  • Best wholesale price among manufacturers in Vietnam
  • Fast shipping time, only 5-7 days

Advantages of DAWNLASH lashes:

  • Light, soft, black lashes.
  • Good glue.
  • Curvature has stability over time.
  • Raw materials for eyelash production are imported from Korea.

Dawnlash Co., Ltd

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